Yerucham's Legacy Fund

Yerucham was a man of unparalleled kindness and boundless generosity. He was always there, offering a helping hand without hesitation. As we approach the first Rosh Hashanah since his passing, we invite you to join us in honoring Yerucham’s Legacy.

His name, Yerucham Mordechai, beautifully encapsulates the themes of ‘mercy’ and ‘joy,’ which serve as the driving force behind our mission at

We dream of a community where mental health is a right, not a privilege, where every individual can access the support they need.

Donate today to help cover therapy costs for those who cannot afford to get help.

Your kindness will be directly allocated to our grand therapy fund, ensuring that those who cannot afford to get help can finally receive the support they so deserve.

Together, let’s turn Yerucham’s legacy into a beacon of hope, unity, and blessings for the year ahead.

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