Stories of Hope and Healing

We at Neshamos are on a mission to promote mental and emotional health and healing within our community.

Among the many ways, we do this is by empowerment through education. 

This podcast, hosted by Moshe Dov Chanin, PCC,  is where we get to listen to personal experiences of those who have been affected by mental illness – the pain, the struggle to get better and today, by the grace of G-d, have emerged with a message of hope and healing.


Empowering us all to more effectively support our emotional health.

Tools for Parents

For parents looking to become more aware of their child’s emotional development, and how to play a more effective role in their child's growth.

Neshamos Helpline

An anonymous helpline available to the community. Calls are fielded and directed to a responsive team of professionals.

Community Events

Events, seminars, focused on addiction and mental health awareness and education within the community.

Teacher Training

Provide education, awareness and resources for teachers to gain the knowledge and skills to become an agent for change in a child’s life.

Men's Support Group

A professionally-led peer support group focused on providing support and connection for male survivors of CSA in the frum community.

Companion Network

Connecting every person struggling with mental health or an addiction with a person who has lived through that experience.